Happy Quarantine`s Day

Happy Quarantine`s Day

My top 8 Ideas ~ and also last minute concepts ~

to celebrate this years Valentines day at home

We may be limited as to where we can go, but believe me, there are plenty of fun date options for staying in your own home. The trick is to really commit to it. Go all the way- with the decor, maybe even cheesy outfits, food and drinks. That wine bottle that has been sitting on your shelf for that special occasion? Whip it out! This past year we have experienced major restrictions on our normal dating activities. We have been following stay-at-home orders, social distancing and working from home. If you managed to stick through all this madness without killing each other- let’s celebrate! This year we are all trying to figure out how to celebrate safely to minimize exposure. That doesn’t mean we have to overlook our romantic feels.

Today I want to share my personal top 8 ideas for a memorable Valentine’s Day at your home.

1.Take An Online Class Together

Become your own Mixology Masters or Sushi Master – Sign up for an online class together. This can also be a great group date activity with friends. Prepare your favourite meal together or even try yourself in a cocktail-making class.

2. Embrace Your Creative Side

Get out some old, scruffy, oversized clothes and unleash your inner artist during a virtual painting class. Even if the results might not be the next Vincent van Gogh you will certainly get a good laugh out of it.  The  finished results will definitely be fun to remember on this unusual Valentine’s Day.

3. Recreate Your Very First Date

This is probably my most favourite date idea. Yupp. You heard it right – recreate your first date. Here’s an opportunity to go all out. If you went to a coffee shop, whip up some artisanal coffee skills and impress your better half with the best homemade coffee in town. If you went to a romantic restaurant, get a copy of their menu (you can find that online) and try to make one of the dishes in your own kitchen. If you went to a museum, print pictures of the paintings you saw and put them in frames around the living room. There are a million creative ideas which pop right to my head. And don’t forget to tell your partner everything you loved about them on that very first day.

4. Write A Love Letter – Or Even Just Some Letters Of Gratitude (maybe even to yourself)

There’s nothing more romantic than sending a love letter. This gives you an opportunity to express your feelings and list all your favorite memories and all the reasons why you love your favourite person. And whenever you are done writing this letter for your special someone, think of all the other important people that have an incredible impact on your life. This might only be a brief letter of appreciation for you but to the other person it might just make their day.  Believe me, those couple minutes you of your time will show then just your gratitude or friendship.  This letter will definitely be a keepsake they will save for years to come.

5. Build Your Own Pillow Fort 

Get in touch with your playful side and build an awesome pillow fort. All you need are a few chairs, some blankets and probably all the pillows your house holds. Set them into a comfortable fort in the middle of your living room. Decorate with some twinkling fairy lights for that romantic look and stock your fort with pizza, wine, chocolate, and some great music. Now it’s time to cuddle up inside and to agree on a movie to watch. One movie? You’re right. That’s just a regular Friday night. Letś give yourself permission to dive in and watch as many as you want. That’s what we call a proper date night. 

6.  Go On An In-Home Scavenger Hunt 

If you can’t step out this Valentine’s Day, why not bring the adventure to your home instead? A Scavenger Hunt is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day 2021 without leaving your doorstep. Customize your hunt with little reminders of previous dates or special memories you both shared together. All you need is a pen and a paper or check out one of the many apps you can find on your mobile device.

7. Indulge In Breakfast In Bed

Simple gestures like breakfast in bed become special when you take them to the next level. As a mother of two I know what I am talking about. As for me, drinking a hot cup tea feels like a mini vacation on some days. Thinking of a full tray with my favourite goodies- that`s some brownie points right there. If cooking isn’t your strong side- don`t worry. #supportyourlocal coffee shop and buy that yummy chocolate muffin you have been craving for since weeks. Serve together with a favorite book or magazine and enjoy your time snuggled up in your warm pillows.

8. Have An Indoor Picnic Or Just Bundle Up In Your Backyard

Februarys might still be a bit chilly, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dress up in our warmest coats and build a fire in your own backyard. Bring out a bottle of good wine (maybe even that leftover mulled wine from last Christmas), toast some oversize marshmallows over the fire and tell each other your most cherished childhood memories. Too cold for you? The indoor alternative would be to spread out a comfy picnic blanket on the living room floor with a gourmet charcuterie board and a bottle of your favourite bubbles.